About Us

Zeta Phi Zeta Purpose:


The purpose of Zeta Phi Zeta, Inc. is to produce a Christian culture on college campuses that will encourage everyone on the campus to seek a right and true relationship with God. This is accomplished by stepping at Greek step shows, holding bible studies on campus for all to attend, having bible drives, sponsoring events on campus where young Christians can have fun, and by preaching the Word of God to reach the unsaved. Zeta Phi Zeta, Inc. is also committed to reach the younger generation of students before they get to college through mentorship and discipleship.


Zeta Phi Zeta Mission:


Zeta Phi Zeta seeks to spread the love of Jesus to all we come in contact with. The members of Zeta Phi Zeta were predestined to be the light of the world and to lead by example.


Zeta Phi Zeta History:


Zeta Phi Zeta Christian Fraternity and Sorority was founded on April 11, 2001 under the X-STREAM Ministries in the city of Chicago, under the vision of Rev. Willie Comer. Rev. Comer was a member of a local church in the city and operated as director of Youth Ministries. He took a personal attachment to the youth step ministries at the church; the ministries were ZOE Posse and ZAO.


After ministering at their first-ever Greek step show at Eastern Illinois as a guest of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Rev. Comer wondered why there were no Christians stepping for Jesus Christ. He understood that most of the Greek organizations were founded on biblical principles, but did not see that exemplified at the step shows.


After seeking God for months as to what to do, the Holy Spirit instructed Rev. Comer to take the principles taught to ZOE Posse and ZAO and use them to transform college campuses across the United States for Christ. Thus, Zeta Phi Zeta was born. In addition to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Fraternity and Sorority is ultimately responsible for challenging other Greek organizations to return to God through campus bible studies and Christian social events.